Self Healing Leadership

Self Healing Leadership

Self Healing Leadership

What is Self Healing Leadership?

Self Healing Leadership is a practice designed to help leaders recognize the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that create resistance in their decisions, conversations, and actions; heal and reintegrate what holds them back or what they are holding back; and lead from their truest Self.

Why do you call it ‘Self Healing’?

If you break your leg, a doctor can realign the broken bits, give you a splint or a cast, and give you some medicine for the pain or to prevent infection, but they don’t heal you. You heal yourself. Your self heals you.

What does that have to do with my business?

Businesses are complex systems of people.

People are complex systems of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences.

The most effective and sustainable businesses are resilient, responsive, and low-resistance.

The most effective and high-growth people are resilient, responsive, and low-resistance.

Resistance is like friction, drag, and tension. Think fight, flight, fawn, and freeze.

Sometimes, these are reactions to something internal; other times, they are reactions to something external. Either way, the resistance will create friction, drag down responsiveness, and impact the resilience of the entire system.

Without intentional healing and transformation, any system will require more and more energy to overcome the resistance. Without intentional healing and transformation, entropy will win, and the system will break down.

However, when people practice Self Healing Leadership, they show up with more curiosity, courage, creativity, calm, confidence, and collaboration. And this transforms the whole system into a lower-resistance, more responsive, resilient organization.

Want to experience it?

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