Your Second Call

Your Second Call

Hi, I’m Thomas.


I am a 6x founder with the experience of 2 exits and 1000 failures.

I guide leaders facing big transitions into a space where you can face your fears and transform your team.

My clients say it is like psychedelics without the medicine or the downtime, but the invoices say, "executive coaching."

I am just trying to earn the right to be your second call.

So, here’s the deal…

100% of the leaders in your business carry thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and experiences into every decision, conversation, and interaction.

Stuff like,

  • Second-guessing decisions (big and small)
  • Getting defensive about feedback
  • Feign confidence to hide insecurities
  • Choose self-interest over team success
  • Over-sharing to hide imposter syndrome
  • Stressing out hours or days before a key meeting
  • 3 or 4x too long writing and rewriting messages to avoid rejection
  • Acting small to avoid attention in fear of resentment or retaliation
  • Withholding valuable critical feedback to avoid confrontation
  • Holding back or holding out.

They don’t need more tips on leadership.

They need a safe space and a guide to help them discover and release the tension, friction, and resistance that is holding them back so that they can bring their truly best SELF into every decision, conversation, and interaction.


★★★★★ 5

Thomas was able to connect with our team in a manner that created tremendous trust and safety, which led to big breakthroughs at the individual and team levels. We are believers in his methodology and approach, and the value we received is 10x the investment. I couldn't recommend Thomas more highly. If you are an entrepreneur or leader and want to create greater enterprise value by helping yourself and your people, this is the way to go.

Shervin Talieh CEO,


I help you uncover confidence, curiosity, creativity, clarity, tenacity, calm, courage, integrity, and resilience

So that you and your team can:

✅ Make decisions more easily ✅ Communicate more effectively ✅ Lead with more confidence and clarity ✅ Spin the flywheel faster

All you need to do is:

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★★★★★ 5

We're an enthusiastic customer of Your Second Call. We offer Thomas's coaching services as an employee benefit to help team members navigate the fear and anxiety of embracing new leadership opportunities. He has helped me and multiple Venteur team members grow in our audacity and day-to-day effectiveness.

Stacy Edgar CEO,


Trusted by founders and leaders from


★★★★★ 5

It was wonderful working with Thomas. I learned a lot from him during our sessions. I now know how to tackle problems during stressful times.

Abyan Nur Founder,


Here is how we can work together

Individual Executive

❤️‍🔥  Live, pre-scheduled, 1:1 deep work sessions.

💬  24/7 unlimited conversations and async support through shared docs, chat, and audio/video messaging.

🌎  Connections and introductions to our network of people who can help accelerate your growth.

🧰  Free access to other paid resources and programs, like the Self Healing Leaders community.

Leadership Teams of 4 or more

➕ Everything in the Individual Executive package for 4 or more leaders in a single organization.

🔒 100% confidentiality for individuals about the content of their coaching.

📊  Reporting on the usage and effectiveness of the program.

📈 Accelerated growth and increased retention.

Self Healing Leaders Community

A community for Founders, Executives, Owners and Managers – who are actively pursuing personal, professional, and spiritual growth – and leverage an organization as a fulcrum to solve a big problem.

This is a space for leaders who know that unlocking something inside themselves will have the biggest impact on what happens around them.

Learn about membership

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★★★★★ 5

I cannot stress enough how strongly I recommend Thomas for a Leadership team seeking meaningful and impactful professional (and personal, for that matter) growth. With him by your side, you'll experience a profound transformation that unlocks your true potential. I am sincerely grateful for the impact Thomas has had on my career and the trickle-down effect he has had on the performance and careers of all of my team members.

Colin Scott CPO, TPN.Health


What Does it Cost?

Do you know what happens when people are anxious? Burnt out? Defensive? Second-guessed? Tired? Afraid? Parts of their brain shut down. They can't act – they react. Even if they tell their brains, "This is how things are! We just need to push through!" their bodies go into fight or flight. And, in that state, their best strategy is to react to survive.

But it doesn't have to stay this way.

An unburdened team is a swift and light team. When people feel unburdened, they feel creative. They feel courageous. They feel calm. They feel connected. They feel curious. They feel clarity. They feel confident.

In this state, people shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. They shift from defensive to productive. They shift from scarcity to abundance. Imagine your team bringing this mindset into every meeting. Every task. Every conversation. Every decision. Imagine what you can accomplish together with a team like that.

Now, if you are stuck in scarcity, you are probably thinking, "I can't afford to provide this benefit to my leaders right now" even though you haven't even heard the price yet.

Which means you should be thinking, “What is it going to cost me if I don't even ask?”

P.S. You can ask us about the price or anything else via email or WhatsApp or that chat bubble thing down there ↘️.


★★★★★ 5

After a lifetime of shipping new things, sometimes I think there's nothing I can't figure out. But even I get stuck. Stuck in my own head. Times when I'm dancing with fear but fear is winning. Two sessions was all it took for Thomas to help me rewire what was tripping me up. We went deep and fast. YC is the accelerator for your startup execution. TK is the accelerator for your 🧠 execution. He's been in every founders' shoes. Now he can help you walk better in yours. Get time with him.

Casey Allen Founder, Enterprise Rising


I will teach you the practice of Self Healing Leadership

What is Self Healing Leadership?

Self Healing Leadership is a practice designed to help leaders recognize the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that create resistance in their decisions, conversations, and actions; heal and reintegrate what holds them back or what they are holding back; and lead from their truest Self.

Why do you call it ‘Self Healing’?

If you break your leg, a doctor can realign the broken bits, give you a splint or a cast, and give you some medicine for the pain or to prevent infection, but they don’t heal you. You heal yourself. Your self heals you.

What does that have to do with my business?

Businesses are complex systems of people.

People are complex systems of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences.

The most effective and sustainable businesses are resilient, responsive, and low-resistance.

The most effective and high-growth people are resilient, responsive, and low-resistance.

Resistance is like friction, drag, and tension. Think fight, flight, fawn, and freeze.

Sometimes, these are reactions to something internal; other times, they are reactions to something external. Either way, the resistance will create friction, drag down responsiveness, and impact the resilience of the entire system.

Without intentional healing and transformation, any system will require more and more energy to overcome the resistance. Without intentional healing and transformation, entropy will win, and the system will break down.

However, when people practice Self Healing Leadership, they show up with more curiosity, courage, creativity, calm, confidence, and collaboration. And this transforms the whole system into a lower-resistance, more responsive, resilient organization.


★★★★★ 5

Thomas leads with empathy and vulnerability and guides executives to do so. He brings a true sense of partnership to those he helps in their development phase. He brings a great sense of value and approachability that doesn’t come easy to a lot of professionals.

Dani DeLorme VP People Ops,


You deserve This

The highest-performing athletes in the world — the ones who are dead set on winning championships — are the ones who are most likely to surround themselves with specialized coaches. They don’t ask those coaches for advice about how to play the game. They pay them to uncover specific weaknesses, unwind the damage, transform their performance, and unlock their absolute best.

In business, when you can approach every conversation, every interaction, and every decision from a state of confidence, creativity, and calm the impact is exponential!

Every best step builds on the next and earns interest over time. And every time you demonstrate excellence it shapes the culture and inspires the entire team to level up as well. That impacts every action, every hire, and ultimately the speed and trajectory of your entire company.

You can feel whether your team is fully aligned on the vision and reaching your goals. You can feel whether your business is prepared for the next phase of growth. And most importantly, you can feel whether you have unlocked your absolute best.

You don’t need more opinions about what you should or shouldn’t do. You need to unlock your absolute best. Starting yesterday. And the 1:1 deep work sessions that are the core of my practice will do this for you. I guarantee that if you show up and do the work, you will see the impact within a month.

Or, just wait another month, and you will still be asking questions like,

  • “Why can’t we move faster?”
  • “What if someone finds out I’ve never done this before?”
  • “Why does that person think they can ignore what I told them to do?”
  • “Don’t you know who I am and what I did at my last company?!”
  • “Why do I always get stuck at this part?”
  • “Why doesn’t that person trust me?”
  • “Why did they cancel?”
  • “Why didn’t they convert?”
  • “Oh yeah, I’ll %&#$@ show you!”
  • “What if we run out of money?”
  • “Am I the only person this happens to?”

Look. You don’t have to work with me. But you deserve to have someone like me in your corner. So, either book your free discovery call with me or make an appointment with yourself to find your coach.

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★★★★★ 5

Thomas is an elite coach. I've been an entrepreneur, agency owner and investor for 25+ years. I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't in a coaching relationship.

These are non-negotiable & Thomas embodies these: - Experience (there is no substitute) - Trust (💯) - Ability to listen (for my blind spots)

As a coach myself, I tend to think "I SHOULD be able to figure this out on my own." It's a trap.

David DeMember CXO, Shiftwave


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When life hits a wall, or you receive some great news, your first call will obviously be to your family, friend, or partner. We just want to earn the right to be your second call.

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