Your Second Call Scholarship Program

We reserve at least 25% of our capacity for founders and leaders who cannot yet afford our standard rate and whom we encourage to select their own ‘Pay What You Can’ rate.

We also occasionally have clients or partners who are in a position to provide more access to more entrepreneurs by fully funding 3-month scholarships for new clients.

What is included?

The scholarship provides 3 months of fully paid access to the exact same services provided to all individual executive coaching clients.

Selection Criteria

While I do not make people’s applications public, I do want to be transparent about my selection criteria:

  • I have a bias toward selecting first-time founders.
  • I have a bias toward selecting founders from underrepresented backgrounds, including women, non-binary individuals, first-generation college graduates, non-college graduates, immigrants, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and military veterans.
  • And, I have a bias toward selecting global majority non-white people of Indigenous, African, Asian, Latin American descent, who constitute approximately 85 percent of the global population.


Because these scholarships become available on an unpredictable timeline (i.e. any time anyone decides to fund one) my priority is to put these to use as quickly as I can to help people as quickly as possible. This means that I accept rolling applications and notify people within a week of receiving their nominations.

As of 1/21/2024 — 4 scholarships have been funded, 3 are completed, 1 is active, and 0 are available.

Funding a Scholarship

If you would like to discuss funding a scholarship, please email Thomas via with the subject ScholarshipsFTW

Nomination Form

  • Nominations are open and welcome even when there are no current scholarships available

When life hits a wall, or you receive some great news, your first call will obviously be to your family, friend, or partner. We just want to earn the right to be your second call.

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