Individual Executive

Executive Coaching


❤️‍🔥  Live, pre-scheduled, 1:1 deep work sessions

💬  24/7 unlimited conversations and async support through shared docs, chat, and audio/video messaging

🌎  Connections and introductions to our network of people who can help accelerate your growth

🧰  Free access to other paid resources and programs, like the Self Healing Leaders community.

Leadership Teams of 4 or more

Leadership Coaching


➕ Everything in Executive Coaching for 4 or more leaders at a company

🔒 100% confidentiality for individuals about the content of their coaching

📊  Reporting on the usage and effectiveness of the program

📈 Accelerated growth and increased retention

Standard Pricing

$2500 per Month

4 hours of Deep Work Sessions

$1250 per Month

2 hours of Deep Work Sessions

$1000 per Month per seat

3 month Leadership Coaching Cohorts

These price points are set at our actual current market rate which helps Your Second Call grow and flourish so that we can offer coaching services to more founders and leaders at the earliest stages and with fewer available resources.

Pay What You Can


If the standard price is the only thing preventing you from signing up, tell us what you can afford at this time.

It is more important to us that coaching is accessible to everyone than to get our full rate.

We reserve at least 25% of our available capacity for PWYC clients.

Pay it Forward


If you are in the position to pay over and above the standard rate, you will directly support other founders and leaders who need access and increase our capacity for more PWYC clients and programs.

Pricing FAQs

Why have a sliding scale?

Some of us can effortlessly pay for coaching at or above market rates, while others find ourselves priced out completely. We don’t all have an equal amount of available funds but we should all have access to coaching and growth.

And frankly, more people have explicitly asked us for the Pay-it-Forward option than have asked for the Pay-what-you-can option. I want to make it as easy as possible for people to choose $PWYC by putting it front and center.

I don’t want to offend you or waste your time.

I appreciate the sentiment of what you’re saying, but please remember I am the one offering this pricing model. Ironically, the only thing that would really offend me is finding out you wanted to work together but didn’t believe me that I want you to name any rate over $1.

How do we decide on the Pay What You Can price? Do you need proof that I need it?

No. We work on trust. You get to decide which price point is right for you based on what you can genuinely afford. Our only ask is that you do a little bit of self-reflection before choosing your rate. Then, you can simply reply to any email or message from us with your notes on what rate will work for you. If a conversation would be more comfortable for you, feel free to book an additional discovery session to discuss.

How do we decide on the Pay It Forward price?

First of all, thank you so much for even considering paying more than the standard pricing to create more access for more PWYC clients. A person with a heart like yours was the one who demanded that we even create this option in the first place. Whatever price you choose, you can simply reply to any email or message from us with your notes on the rate. If a conversation would be more comfortable for you, feel free to book an additional discovery session to discuss.

Can I write off some of my Pay it Forward price as a donation?

That is a wonderful question. Someday we hope to create a partner non-profit organization to increase access to mental health resources for entrepreneurs which would allow tax-deductible donations. For now, it is simply “I pay more per month because I can, and I know that this covers more access for more PWYC founders and leaders.”

My finances will probably change soon. Is it OK to change my pricing?

Absolutely. You always get to choose which price point fits most comfortably at any given time. Just let us know before your next pay period and we will adjust your invoice.

What if I have a different question?

I love questions. Reach out via email or WhatsApp or that chat bubble thing down there ↘️.

When life hits a wall, or you receive some great news, your first call will obviously be to your family, friend, or partner. We just want to earn the right to be your second call.

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