Free Cohort for Head of People/HR

Free Cohort for Head of People/HR

Hi, welcome, hello!

First of all, I want you to know that I have so much gratitude and appreciation for the tireless and sometimes thankless work that you do all day every day to take care of all the beautiful, unique, interesting, (and sometimes troubled) humans at your company.

If you’ve landed on this page, you are probably already aware that I have been coaching individual founders 1:1 for the past 8 years, and based on their feedback, have created a new transformational leadership program for entire leadership teams within organizations.

(Here is the deck for that program in case you haven’t seen it.)

Leaders Need Support

Over the past few weeks, I have been introduced to a number of amazing leaders in the People/HR space (Hi there! 👋🏻 😊) who have graciously given me so much feedback on my pitch as well as helpful insights into what is happening at their companies and in the market right now.

And I am convinced more than ever that:

  1. businesses need resilient and confident leaders
  2. leaders need more support

And, even though they were rather reluctant to even bring it up, several folks mentioned that HR/People teams are often the first to get stretched beyond capacity and expected to do the most with the least support. Which led to…

Help the Helpers

I want more people to know about my services so that more leaders can get the support they deserve. But also, I’ve got time… I don’t need to push people to buy things they feel they can’t afford, especially right at the moment when many feel they need to be as conservative as possible.

So, I am offering a free 3-month cohort of my transformational leadership program to a select group of People/HR leaders.

You get a chance to experience firsthand my style of coaching, and find out for yourself whether it “unburdens founders and leaders.” And I get a chance to help the helpers and support the folks who are most likely to introduce this benefit to others.

Your Free 3-month program includes:

6 bi-weekly one-hour scheduled 1:1 deep work sessions
24/7 unlimited conversations and support through chat, asynchronous videos, and shared docs
Optional roundtable(s) with other HR/PeopleOps Pros in the cohort

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