How do I find a co-founder for my business?

Great question! My honest answer probably sounds counter-intuitive and could be a distraction and waste of time for you. So please don't take it blindly.

If I already have an active business, and I didn't have a cofounder upfront, and I want to bring on a co-founder-level member to the team (vs a pure hire), then I am going to find ways to meet and interact with potential cofounders in activities and projects that are separate and external to my actual active business.

I am NOT going to interact with them in a way that feels like a trial or an interview for the company. I am going to find ways to interact with them that will allow me to find out if they are great people who I would want to partner with on just about anything going forward.

So, I might spend a couple of weekends a month doing startup weekend events. I might think of a side project that would be fun to try and launch and see if they want to play along.

As close as I would get to my actual current business, is some entirely separate side project that could directly support my business but doesn’t belong in the IP of the company itself.

If I want to find out if someone would make a great PARTNER, then I don't believe I can find out in the context of something we are NOT partners on from the outset. Once I discover that we are great partners, I can invite them to become a partner of my current company.

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