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Self Healing Leadership Circles

One of the most important strategies for founders and leaders of high-growth companies is: "Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others." Meanwhile, most of us neglect our mental wellness in the name of hustle or survival.

Self Healing Leadership is a practice designed to help leaders recognize the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that create resistance in their decisions, conversations, and actions; heal what holds them back or what they are holding back; and reveal their truest Self.

Joining one of our Self Healing Leadership Circles is your opportunity to:

  • Learn about Self Healing Leadership
  • Experience a guided In-Sight meditation
  • Explore a part that is creating resistance or tension
  • Share, encourage, support, and ask questions

šŸ›‘ These are live calls that will not be recorded šŸ¤— Video participation is encouraged, but not required

Upcoming Events:

When life hits a wall, or you receive some great news, your first call will obviously be to your family, friend, or partner. We just want to earn the right to be your second call.

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