What is the Cost?

What is the Cost?

What is the cost?

Do you know what happens when people are anxious? Burnt out? Defensive? Second-guessed? Tired? Afraid? Parts of their brain shut down. They can't act – they react. Even if they tell their brains, "This is how things are! We just need to push through!" their bodies go into fight or flight. And, in that state, their best strategy is to react to survive.

But it doesn't have to stay this way.

An unburdened team is a swift and light team. When people feel unburdened, they feel creative. They feel courageous. They feel calm. They feel connected. They feel curious. They feel clarity. They feel confident.

In this state, people shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. They shift from defensive to productive. They shift from scarcity to abundance. Imagine your team bringing this mindset into every meeting. Every task. Every conversation. Every decision. Imagine what you can accomplish together with a team like that.

Now, if you are stuck in scarcity, you are probably thinking, "I can't afford to provide this benefit to my leaders right now" even though you haven't even heard the price yet.

Which means you should be thinking, β€œWhat is it going to cost me if I don't even ask?”


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