I like to keep an asynchronous, always-on channel open with the founders I mentor, advise, or coach. And I never had a preference for which platform we use, as long as we found a space to connect and pass notes outside of scheduled video calls.

But that turned into a massive jumbled mess of text messages, emails, free Slacks, paid Slacks, Whatsapps, Discords, Signals, Telegrams, Voxers, LinkedIn messages, Mighty Networks, and various other bespoke messaging and community platforms. 😅

Honestly, I will still try to respond on those other channels, but I am committing to Discord as my guaranteed channel of communication because it is free, accessible to everyone, works on all browsers and devices, transfers well across devices, and can be customized and integrated into other tools.

Over time I will improve onboarding and provide more notes here for people who are new to Discord.

Next steps

  1. log in or register your Discord account
  2. Join the Your Second Call Server
  3. Click Create ticket in the #support channel
  4. in the new channel that opens, mention your name and your company name so that I can create a private channel and invite you to it